Vietnamese researcher creates mask that cheats face recognition of iPhone X

A researcher in Vietnam demonstrated how he apparently cheated Apple’s facial recognition software on the new iPhone X using a mask made with a 3D printer, silicone and crepe tape. The announcement, released on Friday by Vietnamese cyber security company Bkav, said it hacked Apple’s Face ID and a video apparently showing an iPhone being unlocked when pointed at a mask was met with some skepticism. Ngo Tuan Anh, vice president of Bkav, gave several demonstrations to Reuters, first unlocking the phone with his face and then wearing his mask. It seemed to work every time. But he declined to register a user ID because, he said, the iPhone and the mask need to be placed at very specific angles, and the mask should be refined, a process he said could take up to nine hours. Apple declined to comment, directing journalists to a page on their website that explains how Face ID works. The page says that the probability of a random person unlocking another user’s phone with the face was approximately one in a million, compared to one in 50,000 for the fingerprint scanner used previously. She also says that Face ID only allows five unsuccessful attempts before a password is required.

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