David Karp, founder of Tumblr, leaves company

David Karp, founder of Tumblr, announced on Thursday (27) his departure from the company and the resignation to the position of chief executive of the online platform. Tumblr belongs to Yahoo since 2013, which was purchased by Verizon last year. Inside the telecommunications company, the internet company joined AOL in a new business area, called Oath. “David Karp will leave Oath at the end of the year,” an Oath spokesman told The Verge. “David founded Tumblr over 10 years ago as a worldwide creative space and we thank him for the commitment and passion that drove the growth of the platform to more than 380 million blogs and about 155 billion posts.” Karp sent a letter to his subordinates. In it, he says “look at the past with great pride” by giving voice to a “generation of artists, writers, creators and curators who have redefined our culture.” “I urge you to extend my decision after months of reflection on my personal ambitions and does not affect my hope for Tubmblr’s future or the impact I know he can have,” he concluded.

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