China creates 1st virtual reality theme park amid boom in segment

China has created its first virtual reality theme park, taking advantage of a boom in demand for virtual entertainment, amid an effort to diversify its economy. The 134-hectare park, located in the vicinity of Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, one of the poorest in the country. There will be 35 virtual reality attractions, such as shooting games; rollercoaster; tours with intergalactic aliens in the region’s tourist sites. Demand for virtual entertainment should push the virtual reality market to grow tenfold in the country and reach nearly $ 8.5 billion by 2020, according to the state research and research institution CCID. “This is an innovative attraction, because it’s simply different,” venture entrepreneur Chen Jianli said in an interview at the park, due to be partially open to the public in February. Visitors wear virtual reality glasses at theme park in Guizhou province, China. The Eastern Science Fiction Valley park cost $ 1.5 billion. The attraction is part of China’s plan to develop new trend-driven growth engines such as games, sports and cutting-edge technology to reduce reliance on traditional industries. In the push to become an innovative technology center, Guizhou is attracting enterprises. Apple has established its China data center in the city, while the world’s largest radio telescope is in the next township of Pingtang. Guiyang Park will offer bungee jump tourists from a huge Transformer-type robot and a studio that will be dedicated to producing virtual reality films. Most attractions will use virtual reality glasses and motion simulators to cheer users on. Visitors wear virtual reality glasses at theme park in Guizhou province, China. Farmers in the nearby Zhangtianshui village are worried about pollution from large enterprises but eager for the economic benefits the park will bring. “There are many good things that come out of these projects,” said farmer Liu Guangjun. “As for virtual reality, I do not really understand that.”

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